Connection as a way of life 2019

Awaken your deepest purpose and creativity, illuminate a vision for your life, and realize your unique contribution to humanity and the world.

APRIL 23 – 28, 2019


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This experiential gathering is an opportunity to be mentored and participate in experiences that are designed to revivify you and awaken your deepest gifts and purpose.

This deep immersion over 6 days invites you into practices that honour the life stages, deepening your understanding of LIFE, including the universal, natural and human principles of connection. These practices include those that are simple and effective, through to advanced connection practices which are powerful and alive as they support us moving through blocks and historic trauma. This experience we will share is gleaned from different ancient indigenous cultures around the world including Native American ceremony, and made accessible for western culture while honoring their origins.

In a time when historic trauma has caused a widespread disconnection and loss of mentoring in community, many of the cultural elements that have evolved over time in deep relationship with nature have become lost. From this loss, we may find ourselves struggling with blocks which prevent us from reaching our potential as individuals and as a collective species. We find ourselves stuck in patterns which can be damaging to nature, ourselves and each other. We cannot think our way out of these patterns, they can only change though actions that impact the deepest aspects of self. We are born to manifest our creative potential. Our lives are meant to be inspired with creativity. No matter where you are in your own journey of life, this work will support your expansion into new parts of yourself.

In recognizing that people have an innate need to step into our most creative and powerful self, transformation out of stuck patterns into our personal genius is the pathway which makes this possible. The methods which support this are held within the ancient teachings and rituals of nature based cultures.

These powerful connective practices support each of us in discovering our deepest gifts and purpose, healing from grief and trauma, and bring all generations together in harmony with the earth and each other.

This experiential gathering aims to support you in healing grief, awakening your deepest purpose and illuminating a vision for your life and your unique contribution to humanity and the world.


Are you called to:

  • Undergo Rites of Passage that you have missed growing up, so that you can access your full power as an adult
  • Find an access to your own genius and unfold your personal gifts and qualities
  • Experience ancient, very alive and very powerful nature based rituals
  • Strengthen your intuition and ability to receive vision of what is coming and what is needed
  • Immerse yourself in an intensive process of learning and discovery that will help you to grow beyond limiting ideas of yourself
  • Enter a unique nature based mentoring lineage with Sal Gencarelle and other highly skilled mentors

Then this opportunity may be for you.


What is involved?

Included in the experiential training will be the opportunity to explore:

  • Understanding the stages of life to be able to live them to their fullness
  • Understanding life transitions and the challenges that come with them, for boys/men – girls/women
  • Rites of Passage that you have missed in growing up, so that you can access your full power as an adult
  • How to facilitate transitions for others
  • Learning about the traditions of life stage honoring as applied by Native American peoples
  • Ancient, very alive and very powerful rituals, and see where they will take you and how you can integrate their power into your own life and work
  • Accessing your own cultural roots
  • Strengthening your intuition and ability to receive vision of what is coming and what is needed
  • Getting to know your personal gifts and qualities
  • Immersing yourself in an intensive process of learning and discovery that will help you to grow beyond limiting ideas of yourself
  • Experiencing mentoring, learn about it and eventually providing it to others
  • Supporting social change
  • Supporting a healthy and happy future for the unborn generations and all of creation
  • Experiencing vibrant, healthy community with other participants, full of mutual inspiration and support


Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is for anyone looking for an immersion experience into culture and transformation. The experiences and content is especially applicable to people looking to understand how to enhance holistic relationships and bridge this into the modern world and systems:

Teachers; outdoor, nature, or wilderness teachers or facilitators; Youth work or social workers; Therapists; Counsellors or coaches; Health care providers; Holding a leadership role or facilitating groups of people and teams; Students, apprentices or interns in one of these fields; Or if you do something completely different and you are just interested in this and feel drawn to join in!


Course Outline:

  • 6-day immersion


  • Understanding practices which honor life stage and enhance personal and community development
  • Deeper understanding of the Map of Life, and how to read this map
  • Understanding the Universal, Natural, and Human Principals of Connection
  • Having simple and effective ways to incorporate concepts and honoring rituals in everyday life
  • Introductory understanding of Advanced Connection Practices
  • Enhancement of Nature Connection Core routines
  • Ability to apply Life Stage Honoring in the context of community
  • Placement on the path of the Visionary Trailblazer


We are born to manifest our creative potential and step into the power that is our birthright, which is the very thing the earth needs right now, as much as we do. Join us for this unique opportunity to step more fully onto the path of living your vision.

Sal Gencarelle will lead this 6 day immersion. He is a cultural bridge between traditional healing ceremonies and the modern world. His intensive mentoring period required both dedication and sacrifice, spending 17 years as a ceremonial guide, creator, singer, and mentor under the direct supervision of a Native American healer, Benjamin Godfrey Chipps, Sr. It was through this process that he earned the responsibility to pass the teachings on.

Salvatore’s immersion into a lineage of deep healing has also helped him to better understand the universal aspects of advanced connection practices that reach across cultures and time.

Salvatore is also an artist, photographer, freelance writer, a musician, and a healer working both the traditions of the Lakota and the modern world. He currently travels around the world teaching and helping others learn from his experience. Visit his website here.


When: April 23-28, 2017

Where: Castlemaine, Victoria

Cost: Adults: $730

Early Bird price: $670 – available until February 24th

Includes accommodation – camping on site, and three wholesome main meals provided each day. Participants are expected to cater for their own snacks.

Bookings close April 10th.

For those engaged in the Helpers Journey course, please note there will be a separate gathering in early April – dates will be announced soon. 

The Helpers Journey course is a way of deepening these offerings from Sal Gencarelle, and bringing clarity and understanding to your unique gifts in this world and a path to bringing these forward in your life. Click on the link to find out more. Starts January 2019.

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“This has given language to a feeling I have had, and validated many of my experiences dating back to early childhood. This has had a lasting impact because I am no longer afraid to share these stories and speak my personal truth when I feel it mirrors the natural way of things and is truly helpful. This is having a “freeing” effect on others as they begin to mirror this energy back. Connections are deepening – and rapidly – between myself and my community. I think the sense of validation has helped greatly with this.”

“The workshop had a very strong impact on me, culminating with the last Inipi ceremony.  In summary it brought me back to a space of openness and deep love and gratitude for all things, as I once experienced as a child. These changes have made me feel more deeply again, I am more open to human connection and I am making conscious steps to rebuild the broken web of connections around me. I am feeling challenged more than ever by popular culture and confronted by life in the city working long hours. My most powerful lesson from cloud mountain was to remember to ask for help from the ancestors so they can help guide me to make some changes in 2018 towards living in healing.”

“One of Sal’s strengths as a teacher and mentor is his depth of knowledge of such powerful teachings, and that his knowledge is embodied and integrated. He has an ability to translate spiritual teachings from a particular lineage into a language that is very understandable and engaging. He gracefully lives and teaches from a place of humility and confidence.”

“A truly wonderful experience of connection with nature, people, and myself. If you are feeling a pull toward nature and healing, are open to working hard with like-minded grounded individuals, and especially open to experiencing ceremony lead by transformational leaders steeped in powerful Lakota linage and indigenous ways of knowing – this work is well worth your time!”