What is the Art of Mentoring?

Art of Mentoring is a week long residential experience of inter-generational cultural creativity based on nature connection. In this living and learning culture of nature and self awareness, you will rediscover knowledge, tools and practices that enrich the relationships that allow you to sustain a culture of connection in all aspects of your life, community and projects.

Guided by a team of experienced leaders and facilitators from Australia, New Zealand and around the world, Art of Mentoring participants come together to experience, learn, and co-create an engaged, joyful learning community. You will walk away with tools and embodied practices of regenerative community design, mentoring techniques, deep nature connection, and an amplified passion for learning. Our hope is to activate and inspire you to create healthy communities right in your own back yard!

Mentoring has become a lost art in our modern living, but is a critical ingredient for healthy community. The Knowing is in the Doing – the Art of Mentoring utilises a well-tested model that not only teaches about mentoring, it also offers the opportunity to be mentored and practice mentoring in a really fun and powerful context. The best way to learn mentoring is to be immersed in a culture where mentoring is being modelled, practice these skills in the same setting, while sharing and receiving feedback to discover the learning together.


Yes, It takes a Village to raise a child. It also takes a Village to:

  • Engage the gifts of our elders
  • Create essential rites of passage for our teens
  • Ensure parents are supported and thriving
  • Welcome our babies into a world of open arms
  • Feel deep gratitude and kinship with nature.
  • Understand your gifts and how to apply them in service to the people

And so each day will include personal and group activities. These are largely outside and include the:

‘Art of Questioning’ * Inner & land based Tracking * Naturalist Education * Sensory Awareness * Inspirational Storytelling * Creative Arts * Singing * Exposure to Wilderness Living Skills * Cultural Mentoring * Reflection & Discussion.

To create this intergenerational experience, this will be a family friendly event running concurrent children, teen and adult programs. In that spirit, there are youth nature connection programs for children aged 4-12, and a teen program for youth ages 13-18. Most meal times will be the time for overlapping within families.

So who is this experience for?

This experience is for those who seek to understand how to create and live in a healthy regenerative community, that is deeply connected to nature. The unique teachings of this course are based on what connects us as humans beings to ourselves, each other and the earth.

The Art of Mentoring is ideal for parents, children and teens, educators, grandparents, teachers, mentors, coaches, community creatives, and lovers of nature.

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A personal note from Jon Young, Founder of the Art of Mentoring

Weve been teaching the Art of Mentoring since 1995, running multiple events each year around the U.S. and beyond. We know this is a powerful way to experience the village potential as a context for mentoring.

We all yearn for this kind of supportive experience in our lives and, studies now show that children need this kind of support and mentoring to really thrive. And, in todays world, thrive they must.

-Jon Young

I expected to learn practical exercises I could pass on, instead I got a whole map of transformation

Dr. Adrian Harris, Eco-Psychologist, Art of MentoringUK